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Monday, September 07, 2009

Whirlwind TX trip

Aaryk, Percy and I just got back from visiting Brian & Share at their house on post at Ft. Hood. We left at 6pm on Friday and got back (2200 miles later) at 6pm on Sunday! Good thing we have Labor Day to recover!

It was originally going to be a trip to take the Uhaul full of Brian's stuff to them. Then he finally got orders and will be going to Ft. Knox with the rest of his unit next month. Since the Army wouldn't pay to move them twice, they are waiting until the move to Ft. Knox to get the majority of their things.

But they had left the computer, the microwave, and some other essential (meaning video game things!) in Phoenix. So, we made this crazy fun trip to bring them a carload of stuff.

Aaryk is more tired than I, and I'm exhausted!

But I DID get a couple of pictures of the kids in front of their house with my cell phone camera (can you believe *I* forgot the camera?!?!)

So, here you go!

At Ft Hood 1

At Ft Hood 2

It's a cute little house, with a fenced back yard, so Percy got to go out and play.

We got rained on after dinner at Olive Garden, so we didn't get to the movies as planned. But we did just hang out for a while and had a good time.

I'm looking forward now to visiting them at their NEXT house! :)


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